VERGATE Corrugated Stainless Steel Cladding Materials

Corrugated Stainless Steel Cladding Materials 

Vergate is a corrugated stainless steel Column or Ceiling panel, Coated with Nano Ceramic Coating available in long length 10m without joint. 

Why Use DSP Stainless Steel materials?

Vergate is a corrugated stainless steel panel, is 100% genuine stainless steel. Vergate is durable and fire-resistant, making it ideal for wall, roofs, and ceilings. Vergate is suitable for subways, airports, theaters, lobbies, shopping centers, and more.


Ultra-thin Embossed Pattern STS (VERNOX)

Ultra-thin Stainless Steel that comes in a variety of Ti-Colours,& Nano Coating with three-dimensional patterns, to reach beyond the limits of stainless steel. It can be applied to different spaces such as walls and interior ceilings. Since it can be laminated to wood or steel, it is versatile and available for kitchen furniture and interior accessories. In addition, a multifunctional coating is available, making it suitable for public areas or spaces that require special functionality such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals and more.



  • Length:  on demand 
  • Width:  475/ to order 
  • Finish:  Vernox 
  • Back material thickness:  SST / EGI / Supermags  from 0,4- 0,55
  • Colour: Silver / Gold / Bronze / Black 
  • Coating: Ti with Nano Ceramic Coating 


Light weight

Anti-Fingerprint Coating Techology

Anti- Bacterial



Easy installation process 




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