Stainless Steel TITANIUM COATED with Nano Ceramic Coating TECHNOLOGY 

DSP ensures a stronger and superior surface treatments,which will in turn, safeguard maximum longevity with added benefits, anti-fingerprint, anti-bacteria, rust, acid, and scraping. 


 DSP Ti Coated Stainless Tube


Stainless Steel colour Tube

The unique advantages of DSP Ti Coated Stainless Tube:

Neat surface by our innovative etching technology.

Customized logos and symbols are available.

Great resistibility against acid, rust, and scratching.

DSP ensures a stronger and superior surface, which will, in turn, safeguard maximum longevity. 

Our Ti coated stainless steel products produced by high-tech vacuum technology, everlasting colour, anti-fingerprint, anti-bacteria, rust, acid, and scraping.  

  • 6 Meter in length
  • Anti-Fingerprint
  • Anti-Bacteria


  • Size: From 15,8 / 19,1 / 25,4 / 38,1 / 50,8 / 63,5 / 76,3 / 89,1 / 101,6 
  • Thickness: from 0,6 / 0,8 / 0,9 / 1,1 / 1,2 / 1,5 
  • Grade: available 202 / 441 / 304 / L / 316 / L
  • Surface Finish: No4 / Vibration Brush / Bead Blast / Mirror  
  • Colour: Silver / Gold / Black / Bronze

Through a special electrochemical coating process, a hybrid coating of organic - inorganic layer is put on to the surface that enhances anti-bacterial,anti-pollution and anti-fingerprint properties for minimal maintenance and cleaning. NCC even makes stainless steel stronger against rust than normal stainless steel while creating aesthetically pleasing and elegant colours. 

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