Stainless Steel Surface Finish Treatment Technology

Nano Ceramic Coating, Coloured,Pattern,texured, SURFACE FINISH Treatment For Stainless Steel BY DSP 

Design Stainless Products South Africa a company specializing in unique Stainless Steel products for application in Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design.


These materials offer numerous possibilities in terms of their construction, design and application systems. The great versatility of the materials allows designers, Architects, interior designers and engineers to find suitable solutions for each of their projects based on the required aesthetic and functional characteristics. With DSP SA everything is possible, choose the material and apply our products making most of your projects and/or installations more cost effective and easier.   

We offer more cost-effective materials and environmentally friendly processess. 

PVD with  Nano Ceramic  Coating  SURFACE FINISH Coloured Stainless Steel - Wear, Scratch and SUPER Corrosion Resistant 

Our PVD coating is an innovation in the creation of coloured stainless steel, making the surface ten times harder and more durable in the process. This is produced through the process of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) Titanium Ion Plating which improves the performance of stainless steel by increasing wear, scratch, anti-bacterial, anti-fingerprint, self- cleaning and super corrosion resistance, making its durability, far superior to conventional coating methods, such as electroplating, anodizing or powder coating.

With DSP Stainless Steel Colour Surface Finish treatments, we offer many a wide variety of colours, finishes and patterns to stainless steel. There has been a great demand for new materials and designs that can differentiate from other products.

Handling metals for interior and exterior has not always been easy. Our lightweight, flexible cladding solutions are very easy to install, saving manpower and cost. Ideal for interior & exterior, art wall, kitchens, elevators and hand railing, for both commercial and residential industries.


  • Stainless Steel Surface Finish Treatment Technology


  •  Nano Ceramic Coating

  • Nano Coating Technology  

  • Nano Coating Technology
  • Nano Coating Technology

Anti fingerprints

Nano Coating Technology (Anti Fingerprints)

DSP SA offers as an option the possibility of supplying their materials with Antifingerprints Treatments 

 DSP SA laboratory specializes in Nanotechnology has developed specially coating, a nanocobertura that provides antifingerprints properties to the decorative stainless steel surfaces in its possible finishes, both in natural stainless steel and in colour.
This new treatment, developed over a long period of time, allows to keep the stainless steel surfaces always free of fingerprints, stains and other contaminations. All this without any degradation of the elegant and unique aspect offered by stainless steel. This avoids some of the major drawbacks of using stainless steel in certain applications, which means a great saving in the maintenance costs (easy-to-clean), allowing to always keep the decorative surface clean.
Our Antifingerprints Treatment also has self-cleaning properties in outdoor applications, it’s resistant to water, dust, grease… its cleaning is done with a soft cloth. In addition, it increases the abrasion resistance own of stainless steel.

  • Environmentally friendly                            

  • Excellent Colour Consistency

  • Anti Finger Print, Anti-Bacteria, Self Cleaning Technology

  • Fire Proof

  • Strengthening of Surface

  • Stately and luxurious surface texture

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    DSP SA has a team of professionals to study projects, providing consumers with a personalized commercial and technical dealings with a capacity of supply and service at all levels.Engineering service for project development and installation




Excellent Color Consistency

DSP coil to coil PVD process is one of a kind in the world.
Our process ensures a great consistency in color uniformity.
Anti Finger Print and Easy Cleaning

NCC is an applied coating system with hybrid technology of organic
and inorganic complex minimizing the cost of maintenance by its anti-fouling,
anti-bacterial, and surface hardness characteristics.
Strengthening of Surface

Pencil hardness test 9H and over
and nice glossy finish like glass.
Stately and luxurious surface texture

With DSP SST, you can feel elegant and stylish space
highlighting the luxurious ambiance in a modern trend.

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