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Coating Technology by DSP

Introducing the New Concept of “Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel” by DSP’s World-Leading Technology for People

Technology to Enhance Functionality on Material & Products.

Design Stainless Products South Africa a company specializing in unique Stainless Steel products for application in Architecture, Interior Design and Industrial Design,Automotive,Food Production, Appliances,Catering Equipment.     

Not only are greasy fingerprints on shiny stainless steel surfaces unattractive, they also attack the surface leaving bacteria behind.

DSP Nanocoating technology will prevent the annoying smudges that result from fingers touching stainless steel surfaces. 

These materials offer numerous possibilities in terms of their construction, design and application systems.

The great versatility of the materials allows designers, Architects, interior designers and engineers to find suitable solutions for each of their projects based on the required aesthetic and functional characteristics.   

We offer more cost-effective materials and environmentally friendly processess.                                                                            

Titanium coating               PVD coating               Nano ceramic coating                      Fluorine coating

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Stainless Steel Surface Finish Treatment Technology By DSP