Custom Architectural


Global trends have changed dramatically over the last decade and DIY has become the 'in thing' When it comes to balustrading, not only because of soaring demands for housing and increased contractor costs of construction, but also the feel good effect of doing it yourself and being in control of your project without the hassle of not getting the workmanship you are paying for. Having total control over your balustrades means, it is safer,simpler, faster,cleaner, providing peace of mind which is generally a stressfull process. Thanks to its exceptional strength, & ease of site installation, reducing time on site without welding, grinding, and joining. Saves significant time and money.  

The Smart Balustrade Kit System

  • 5 Contemporary styles to choose from
  • Fit any Staircase, Balcony or Deck
  • Custom made to fit with no fixed sizes
  • Arrives on site pre-manufactured complete ready to be installed
  • Decrease risk of damages during installation process over handling
  • Only use hand tools
  • Durable and safe
  • Simple seamless installation process
  • Unlike any other balustrade systems out there
  • Fixing in accordance with engineering specifications
  • All materials have been tested & have SABS Certification
  • Structural engineered and tested to meet all specifications
  • Cuts installation time by a third which saves time and money
  • Local manufactured

EZRails offers a 10 year guarantee, to back it up!