We have maintained our reputation as a pioneer in the Architectural industry and supplied high-end stainless steel architectural products both to the local and overseas market.

We are proud to present our products, which are true innovation of our 26 years’ experience and technology. 


Stainless steel Glass Railing Systems for your Home, Pool, Balcony and Stairs

Made 2 Measure, Ready-Made, self or factory assembled, off the shelf balustrade systems, with true innovation.

We present ourselves as a firm that has been manufacturing Stainless Steel accessories for over a decade and which

Specialises in Balustrades & Hand Rail Systems.

DSP has always aspired to create designs that are aesthetically appealing at the same time functionally sound,

Which is obvious in its modular systems.  Our designs are a unique system of standard modular components which ensures

No on site fabrication and welding.  Since the components are engineered to accommodate various on-site conditions,

The mounting of the products at site becomes very simple.  An experienced and trained installation team, equipped with

State of the arts tools further substantiates our quest to provide complete engineered railing solutions. 

Our plant processes modern machinery which are duly modified to suit your needs.

We at DSP use Grade 304 & 316 Stainless Steel for its unmatched strength and flawless finish, this can be seen in our product range.

Chemically passivated components and tubes ensures the formation of natural oxide surface film which results in very high corrosion


We put in a lot of effort to achieve the highest freshest ideas and design innovations.

We put in a lot of effort to achieve the highest quality, which begins with a human thought and ends with a tangible product.


Custom Made STAINLESS STEEL Balustrade 

Our contemporary designs caters to the needs of demands of modern times and a team of highly qualified designers and engineers are constantly providing fresh ideas and design innovations. 

Their uses are increasing everyday through the vision of our clients and the imagination of their architects and designers. 

Our products has a wide span of application, they are used at residential, domestic, commercial, institutional buildings, airports, shopping malls,

Hotels and restaurants. 


DSP Brand 

EZRAILS Balustrade Solutions 

Colour Stainless Steel coil & sheets 

Inoxteel Stainless steel coil & sheets 

Alusteel Stainless steel coil & sheets 

Superteel Stainless steel coil & sheets 

Supermags Stainless steel coil & sheets 

Vernox Stainless steel coil & sheets 

Verblock Plus Stainless steel coil & sheets