Is Your Home Prepared For 2017 Real Estate Market?

Many South Africans find themselves struggling to sell the property, mainly because of economic or political instability. For this reason, it should be your main mission to make sure that potential buyers don’t overlook your house- it needs to appeal to them. First impressions and small details are essential for people looking to invest a big sum of money into a house, especially if this decision is coupled with more debt. So, what should you, as a property owner, do to prepare your home for resale?


Improve the yard

The yard is essential to attracting buyers. Spruce up the yard by:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Clearing any leaves and other mess, such as dead tree branches
  • Pruning the flowers, bushes, and trees
  • Cleaning swimming pools and water features
  • Replacing any damaged light bulbs, pool equipment or water feature mechanisms and fixing any outside taps that are broken
  • Fixing or replacing railing systems and pool fences that are damaged or aged (see Ti-Colour Stainless Steel Tubing Systems)


Repair driveway/ walkway damage

If there are cracks in your driveway and/or walkway, you should fill in the missing mortar and replace any missing or damaged stones or bricks. Remove any weed between the bricks and trim garden shrubs.


Repair all other exterior elements

Make sure the outside paintwork of your home is in good condition. An extra coating of paint can go a long way in improving your exterior appearance. Also, repair or replace any damaged windows, and make sure that all windows are sparkling clean. If you have the finances, install bigger windows to let more light into the house. Take a look at aluminum windows and doors for residential homes.


Clean the house

Start by doing some house scrubbing, cleaning, mopping, etc. You have to get into every nook and cranny to make sure that everything is absolutely spotless. No trash should be left in any bins, nor should there be dishes piled up in the sink. Ensuring that your home is clean and organised will give prospective buyers peace of mind that you take pride in the upkeep of the house.


Remove personal items inside and outside the house

The prospective buyers need to imagine themselves living in the house. If you have personal belongings, such as family photos and washing hanging on the line or children’s toys laying around the house, it will be difficult for them to visualize the home as their own.