Innovative Stainless Steel Laminated foils ultra-thin sheet and Coil

Manufactured in 0.04mm-0.6mm

DSP SA Brushed, Polished, Bead, Pattern, Colour, Embossed Stainless Steel laminates are manufactured with genuine stainless steel metallic foils. DSP SA Sheet & Coil is a new innovative ultra-thin sheet and coil product line, mass-produced making it very economical.

Manufactured in 0.06mm-0.4mm thickness, 600/ 2438/3000/4000mm width, 25m to unlimited length.  They are resistant to solvents, chemicals and household reagents and have an extremely hard wearing surface. DSP SA apply anti- bacterial, anti-pollution, anti-finger print, self-cleaning, self-healing, fire resistant surface treatments .DSP SA surface treated Stainless Steel laminate is post formable. This material can be cut with a household pair of scissors and can be bent, formed and radius by hand. No tooling required. 

Special fabrication conditions apply as a consequence of the physical properties of stainless steel foils. APPLICATIONS DSP SA stainless steel laminates are suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications such as feature electronic, furniture, panelling, lobby, airports, subways, benches, table tops, bar tops, doors, exhibition stands, shop- fitting or any area where a decorative metal look is required. They are also suitable for exterior applications.