Incorporating Stainless Steel Cladding into Design

When designing a home, commercial, or industrial space, designers need to focus on installation options that are environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and all round hygienic. Firstly, stainless steel is 100% recyclable which means that it is kind to the environment and secondly, it is of the easiest materials to maintain, clean and sanitize. As for its aesthetic appeal, the durable properties of stainless steel cladding means that it will not rust or change colour under destructive weather conditions.

Here are some of the best ways that interior designers can incorporate stainless steel cladding into their next project:

1. It is perfect to use as a splashback above stovetops and countertops. The shine of the stainless steel will add a modern twist to any kitchen that will be easy to clean from grease, oil and other kitchen-borne bacteria.

2. It can also be used outside around braai areas for an extra clean outdoor cooking experience. Being resistant to water and heat, stainless steel cladding is better to use around the braai area than tiles or brick face.

3. By using laser-cutting technology, stainless steel cladding can be used to make neat and durable signs both outside and inside of commercial space. The versatile look that stainless steel cladding gives off is suitable for medical, industrial, beauty and corporate images.

4. For corporate buildings, atmospheric performance is critical. Stainless steel cladding can be used to cover the entire face of a building to give an extra high-tech, mirror polished exterior. This is also beneficial for large buildings in terms of temperature control.

5. Areas that are susceptible to knocks and scratches could do with stainless steel cladding because it is highly durable and damage-resistant. Restaurants, airports, hospitals and clinics that have large rows of people coming and going should use stainless steel cladding for lifts and surfaces.

6. Stainless steel cladding can be textured to further enhance design styles, while a variety of tones and gloss levels are also available for interior designers to explore.

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Stainless Steel Cladding