How to Match Ti-Coated Stainless Steel Design Styles

Thanks to Ti-coating, stainless steel products now come in a range of different colours. This means that property owners (homeowners and commercial building owners alike), as well as interior designers, have a wider variety of styles that they can incorporate into different spaces.

Let’s look at some of the ways that TI-coating can enhance the design elements of various spaces.


Embo Silver
Choose Embo Silver for a crisp and clean corporate look. This coating option is often used in offices, hospitals and shopping centres and best complements spaces that incorporate a lot of glass and other steel frameworks into their design styles. It’s also ideal for homes with a more industrial feel, especially when combined with a subtle presence of brick-face and spots of plants and trees all around.


Embo Gold and Satin Gold

These two shades of gold may be difficult to distinguish at first glance but are, in fact, different. Satin Gold bounces off a higher gloss, while Embo Gold is deeper in colour. They do, however, contribute to the same style type: classic luxury. These two golds are best used in high-end spaces like top-notch resorts and hotels. This Ti-colour works well with rich materials and warm textures, like oriental carpets and finely detailed mirrors.


Mirror Gold                

Mirror Gold is a fun alternative to Embo and Satin Gold. It can be used along with other gold textures to create depth and dimension, or on its own for a creative design, unique to a specific style. Accomplish this unique design by matching Mirror Gold with bold colours and dramatic backgrounds.



Bronze is one of the few colours that offer a versatile choice of design style, from eclectic to contemporary. It best matches stark white walls and furniture and enhances the modernity of open-plan spaces. Using bronze coating for balustrades and handrails will frame staircases and balconies beautifully and can also be used to draw attention to focal points of a room. Consider incorporating Bronze with a chipboard that has a high gloss (or even matt) laminate finish, such as MelaWood or MelaWood SupaGloss.  




Colour can be your most powerful design element if used correctly. Designers all around the world are using this smart shade of black for a fresh new look in any space. It looks absolutely stunning with lightwood floors; it also enhances pops of colour brought into furniture and décor design elements.