Enhance Balustrades With Stainless Steel Coating

Small details that may be overlooked when it comes to designing the interior and exterior of your home are what make your home beautiful and unique. For those who want to add a touch of class to their homes in the simplest way, consider adding stainless steel coating to all your indoor and outdoor stainless steel applications.

You’re probably well aware of the fact that the purpose of balustrades extends past safety to encompass aesthetics and general design purposes. Keeping up with modern trends has become easier with the useful stainless steel coating available for a variety of applications at an affordable price. This article especially focuses on the application of the coating on stainless steel balustrades for around swimming pools and along staircases. Here are the 2 main benefits of using our coating solutions, namely Nano Ceramic CoatingTI Colour Coating and PVD coating:

  • We have a variety surface and colour options to suit both indoor and outdoor designs and styles
  • The application is affordable as well as long lasting, thus you receive guaranteed value for money.

We highly recommend stainless steel coating for the following applications:

Stainless steel pool balustrades

Whether you have framed glass, horizontal or vertical balustrades, PVD coating is the ideal coating for your pool balustrades. The coating especially prevents marks and residue from sticking to the stainless steel; this is especially ideal to prevent pesky fingerprints from patterning your outdoor balustrades. 


Residential stainless steel staircases

The coating can really enhance your interior décor. Choose between different finishes, such as mirror, satin or bead blast finishes, which are available in various colour finishes, such as gold, bronze back and silver, to match the rest of your indoor colours and furniture. To add a very special touch, you can get customised patterns designed.

Nano Ceramic Coating

Commercial stainless steel applications

For professional appearance and hygienic purposes, we believe that our coating solutions are ideal for commercial applications.

We can also provide customised logos and symbols that can be especially applied to any stainless steel item through our coating solutions to enhance branding efforts.

Commercial stainless steel

Stainless Steel Coating