The Benefits of Stainless Steel Tubing for Hospitals

Hospitals have the dual responsibility of having an environment that is sterile and safe as well as kind to the eye and comforting. Sometimes it is difficult to create a warm and positive space when there are so many strict rules to comply with; especially when budget constraints and directorial technicalities are involved too. With DPS stainless steel tubing, hospitals can easily adhere to these responsibilities and still create a perfect environment for patients, staff members and even visitors. 

Where can a hospital use DSP stainless steel?

DSP stainless steel is used for architectural ornamental work as well as for decorative purpose. This means that it can be used for supporting poles, handrails, balustrades, towel racks and curtain rods.

Firstly, these are all components that are essential for hospitals to have; especially since hospitals cater for the sick and weak who may need a handrail around every corner and balustrading closing up every high step.

Secondly, DSP stainless steel is aesthetically pleasing. The smooth and modern finish of this product will ensure that the each floor, space and room in the hospital will have a stylish look that matches with one another. People may think that materialistic value should be a hospital’s last concern, but in fact that which is pleasing to the eye is comforting to the heart. It is extremely important that hospitals look neat, fresh and stylish to give patients a feeling of comfort and trust upon entering its doors.

What are the benefits of DSP stainless steel?

Hygiene is of utmost importance to any medical institution. Bacteria has to be kept to as little as possible while effective cleaning and sterilising should be both quick and easy. With the cutting edge Nano Ceramic Coating technology, hospitals are promised to have an anti-bacteria environment. DSP stainless steel is the most hygienic, self-cleaning technology that one can find. It is an anti-fingerprint product that has no grooves or nooks minimum dirt can be left behind on.

DSP stainless steel is also extremely durable and resistant to knocks and scratches, as well as easy and cost-effective to maintain. With so much machinery and so many beds traveling around a hospital, it would be ideal to choose this product that will look new and that will shine for as long as possible.

Who said hospitals can’t look unique? DSP provides TI-Colour stainless steel tubing, which can be coloured or patterned with various finishes, namely satin, bead blast or mirror which all together gives a range of 11 different colours to choose from. Different wards or departments can make use of different shades and colours to create some diversity. Various sizes and wall shapes can also be used (namely round, rectangular or square) to accommodate structures and styles that are already in place. 

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