5 Home Makeover Trends for 2017

If only your home could decide for itself that it wants a new year’s change. But unfortunately, walls really don’t talk and the physical appearance of the home depends solely on the owners. Make sure you show your home some love this year, follow these universally popular trends:

Artificial alternatives

Treating leather and looking after real wood is time-consuming and often completely forgotten. During your renovation strategy, avoid furniture that is impossible to repair or replace and rather consider durable, charming alternatives.

Wallpaper is busy making a striking comeback. Designers across the globe are using wallpaper to mimic marble and mosaic, floral patterns and geometric motifs. 

Concept design

It works like Murphy furniture, only it is High-tech and gorgeously modern. The trend of fold-away furniture and appliances is spinning into popularity at top speed. See how this stylish cupboard can fold away into the wall, creating a clean, open space. 

Mixed patterns and textures

Mixing patterns and fabrics can lavish a big space with charm, and help make a small place look stylish and comfortable. Just make sure you add enough white or clean, blank spaces into the design to give the eyes a rest. Also, use colours that complement one another, and balance your texture to fit the same theme!

Copper and green

These are the top trending colours of 2017’s colour forecast. It’s deep and natural, like royal elegance. This doesn’t mean you have to change your wall colour or furniture at all:

Indoor plants (English Ivy, Spanish Moss, and Bamboo Palm, for instance) are perfect alternatives to bringing green into your home subtly.

Nano-ceramic coating technology (or, NCC) is also remaining a hot topic for designers and architects everywhere. Using NCC for surface finishing is the most hygienic, eco-friendliest and the most durable way that you can change surfacing in your house to a variety of copper hues. 

Ditch the home office

Advances in technology brag about constantly designing electronics that are smaller, thinner and lighter. So, if you are living a modern lifestyle, it’s very possible to have a neat and comfortable working nook. Besides, having a whole room in the house dedicated to office space usually just opens the floor for a lot of old paperwork and clutter. 

Consider installing Formica LifeSeal Worktops. This durable, affordable wood alternative (artificial alternatives, yay!) can be customised to fit any space, it comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes, and it is knock and scratch resistant. See how to install Formica, and turn this new project into a fun DIY experience!