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Stainless Steel Balustrading Systems

At Design Stainless Products South Africa, we offer Stainless Steel Balustrade kit systems which are the: strongest, safest, most affordable and easiest to assemble on the market, set for today’s designer trends.

It is the only true DIY Kit System on the market that works! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our kit systems.

We also offer a range of other Stainless Steel Balustrade options including glass systems and pool systems, cable systems, balcony systems and more! Click to view all these products.

Stainless Steel Tube Suppliers

As the best tubing supplier, we offer Stainless Steel Architectural and Ornamental tubing in various shapes and with various finishes. Our Stainless Steel Tubing Suppliers not only provide the best quality, but they are also affordable.

Stainless Steel Cladding Solutions

We offer the latest, state of the art Stainless Steel Cladding Solutions for residential or commercial spaces. From Stainless Steel Wall Covering to Stainless Steel Wall Tiles, we will find the perfect cladding system for your project.

We have a Solution for You!

We have a trained and well equipped team of Stainless Steel Balustrade installers, but our DIY Systems are so easy you can install them yourself! With our ability to supply the best solutions and proper aftersales support, we will make sure our customers are provided with the best creative solution.

Our systems fit all different types of staircases, landings and balconies regardless of configuration. All you need to do is assemble our self-connecting (self-locking) systems.

No complex tools- No accurate measuring required!

With our network of distribution outlets, we provide a delivery solution and network of installers nationwide!