Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Cladding Materials

Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Cladding SOLUTIONS

DSP takes the hassle out of cladding with Stainless Steel in ways that are simpler, cleaner and faster and more cost effective. Providing peace of mind for home,shop or office renovations, during what is generally a stressful process. Our Peel & Stick with self-adhesive has distinct set of benefits, apply directly to any surface, can be trimmed and cut by hand, shaped by hand, means an upside for homeowners or contractors doing cladding over old methods. Saving time and cost with many perspectives. You can now apply by peel and stick immediately to any substrate, no Pre-Manufacturing required. With our innovative inorganic hybrid coating techology, the light reflecion was been redirected.      

Design Stainless Products South Africa have a large selection of innovative architectural materials for interiors and exteriors to choose from, whether you want to use it for the residential or commercial buildings, we are bound to have something perfect for you.


Peel & Stick Stainless Steel  

With an incredibly modern design and colours to choose from, our stainless steel mosaic tiles are so much more than regular stainless steel mosaics and tiles that you see everywhere. The installation of our mosaics is even easier than hanging wallpaper to your space. It is the perfect weekend project. It generally involves carefully following a few steps until you get it done, which we have outlined below. Read on, to discover how easy it is to completely transform your space with EZ mosaics and tiles.

Our stainless steel mosaic tiles are made with Grade 304 stainless steel with a rubber peel & stick backing for easy installation. It provides advantages of durability, safety, and hygiene, also, it is one of the eco-friendliest materials you can choose for your wall interiors and exteriors. Literally, anyone with simple equipment would be able to install it easily. Light weight, flexible and bendable tile is very easy to install, you can save manpower and cost. As our stainless steel tiles are anti-corrosion & fire resistant, it is ideal to use for any spaces such as (Kitchen, Living Room, Column, Commercial Building, Shopping Mall, Elevators, Retail Shop, Hotel & Resort, Hospital, Dental Clinic, Library, School, Airport and others.

Our Tiles are manufactured with light composite panels. A protective layer covers the outer surface and a very aggressive adhesive is added to facilitate the installation.

Available in various finishes and colours, requiring a very short time to install compared to traditional tiles, and with their spectacular look, our tiles are a favourite product amongst the consumers.


Transform your space into a vibrant, yet elegant interior with EZ Tiles, Mosaic Wall Tile collection. EZ Tiles Grade 304 Stainless Steel, is available in various colours & finishes. Mosaics will create a contemporary, luminous look and will add great value to your home. Excellent selection for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, and accent feature walls. Functional with durability and easy maintenance. Versatile in creating different styles.


  • Easy to clean and maintain. Waterproof, Greaseproof, as well as Fireproof.
  • Anti-Finger Print, Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungal.
  • High strength adhesive.
  • Stainless Steel colour options.
  • No grouting.
  • Simple and Fast Installation. Shape and Radius by hand.
  • Highly durable and heat resistant.
  • Compliments Stainless Steel appliances.
  • Reflective surface changes with the intensity and direction of the light.
  • Versatile and dynamic design element.
  • Excellent for all residential and light commercial wall applications.




Simple and easy installation!
Strong fire resistance
Self cleaning
Safe Material