Introducing the New Concept of “Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel” by DSP World-Leading Technology


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A New Concept “green stainless” World Unfolds For People Created by DSP's Advanced Technology

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Stainless Steel Surface Finish Treatment Technology By DSP

Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Cladding SOLUTIONS

DSP takes the hassle out of cladding with Stainless Steel in ways that are simpler, cleaner and faster and more cost effective. Providing peace of mind for home,shop or office renovations, during what is generally a stressful process. Our Peel & Stick with self-adhesive has distinct set of benefits, apply directly to any surface, can be trimmed and cut by hand, shaped by hand, means an upside for homeowners or contractors doing cladding over old methods. Saving time and cost with many perspectives. You can now apply by peel and stick immediately to any substrate, no Pre-Manufacturing required. With our innovative inorganic hybrid coating techology, the light reflecion was been redirected.      

Design Stainless Products South Africa have a large selection of innovative architectural materials for interiors and exteriors to choose from, whether you want to use it for the residential or commercial buildings, we are bound to have something perfect for you.


Stainless Steel Material Surface Coating Treatment Technology

Stainless Steel Laminated Sheets & Coil 

Affordable Technology to Enhance Functionality on Material & Products.

Available in Sheet & Coil, for all your stainless steel requirements.

Anti -Fingerprint 



Ever Lasting Colours, Many Colours, Syles, Texture, Patterns to choose from. 



Wall Art, Cladding with Stainless Steel Self-Adhesive.

Premium Versatile Stainless Steel Wall Coverings 

Self-Adhesive Stainless Steel Mosaic Tiles

It is easy to install using standardized stainless steel materials.

STAINLESS STEEL Elevator Doors & Cab Interiors

 STAINLESS STEEL Ceiling Materials 

Energy saving    

Light weight and fire proof.

Stainless Steel Ceiling Panel

Stainless Steel LED Ceiling Panel 

Stainless Steel Perforated Ceiling Panel 

Stainless Steel Corrugated Ceiling Panel 

Stainless Steel Perforated Corrugated Ceiling Panel

Stainless Steel Colour Options 

Stainless Steel Pattern Options