Which stainless steel surface finishing will best suite your balustrades?

As a homeowner or professional contractor, you no longer have to feel stuck with a limited variety of surface finishes for your chosen balustrades. In fact, new technology has made it possible to match your surface finishes to your chosen balustrades, instead of the other way around.

The question is, which stainless steel surface finish will fit in with your lifestyle?

Standard patterns available:

No 4

Creating a very sophisticated feel, the No 4 surface finish is highly recommended for corporate environments – offering a sense of style and professionalism to the overall look and feel of your business premises.

stainless steel surface finishing

Bead blast

Possessing a dull effect, bead blasting adds a modern touch to your balustrades – making it an ideal application for matching natural elements such as glass and wood. Ideal for both commercial and personal settings, bead blasting can add life to any room without the shine factor.

stainless steel surface finishing


This particular surface finish is extremely popular in public sectors such as shopping malls due to its easy cleaning and low maintenance qualities. Adding a bit of flare to any setting, the mirror finish can add life to an otherwise dull environment.

stainless steel surface finishing

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Colours available:

  • Gold
  • Bronze
  • Black
  • Silver

stainless steel surface finishing

  • Ti Silver
  • Ti Gold
  • Embo Silver
  • Embo Gold
  • Ti Mirror Gold
  • Ti Bronze
  • Ti Black
  • Satin Gold

Titanium coloured pipe patterns available:

Dot dia

Depending greatly on your sense of style, the dot dia surface finish offers a prominent zig-zag effect, compared to the below, more subtle patterns available. Ideal for individuals who want to add some texture and uniqueness to their balustrades without going overboard.

stainless steel surface finishing

Dot angle

This particular texture offers a subtle touch whilst still giving your balustrades a unique sense of personality. Offering less of a mirror effect than the Dot dia, Dot angle can attribute to the professionalism of any corporate environment.

stainless steel surface finishing


Perfect for individuals who want to add a little bit more detail to their balustrades, the Check surface finish offers a combination of interesting patterns – perfect for a plain background setting.

stainless steel surface finishing

To further personalise your balustrades, custom logos or symbols are also available to perfectly represent your personal style business image. For more information, visit our Contact Us page

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