Purchasing Grab Rails? Here’s Some Useful Advice

Grab rails are found in and around homes, offices and public areas, such as malls, hospitals, and one-stop petrol stations. Mainly used as a mobility aid for older or disabled people, it is important for grab rails to offer enough support to help people stand, sit or balance in bathrooms.

Besides the obvious safety factor, aesthetics is another legitimate reason for you to put thought into deciding which grab rails to purchase.

Tips For Installing Grab Rails

1. Choose a legitimate grab rail supplier

Purchase grab rails from a supplier who can provide certification by the South African Bureau of Standards for the product.

2. Check the warranty or guarantee of the product

Make sure the product comes with a warranty or guarantee. This will ensure that you can take back or exchange your product if you find any flaws within a specific timeframe after purchasing the product.

3. Select the best material for your grab rails

There are plenty of different types of grab rails made from various materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. Opt for strong materials, such as GRADE 320 stainless steel, to prevent having to deal with corroding grab rails.

4. Check the grab rails specification

The railing is available in various sizes, lengths, designs, finishes and diameters. To ensure that you select the ideal grab rails, pay close attention to the specifications while considering what the grab rails will be used for, as well as where they will be placed.

5. Choose aesthetically appealing grab rails

When it comes to installing grab rails, aesthetics do matter. The grab rails’ design should complement the interior design and style of your home.

DSPSA provides stainless grab rails that have been enhanced with the latest coating technology. Besides aesthetical benefits, the coating technology is very hygienic and easy-to-clean, making it ideal for residential and commercial bathrooms.

Contact DSPSA for coated stainless steel balustrades.