Nano Ceramic Coating: The Ultimate Bacterial Deterrent

Nano Ceramic Coating technology is the process of applying a special electrochemical coating to creating an organic-inorganic layer on top of stainless steel to deter bacteria, pollution and fingerprints.


Why incorporating NCC technology is crucial:

Protects against rust and marks

Stainless steel, on its own, has rust-resistant properties. However, by adding NCC to the stainless steel surface, not only do you add extra protection against natural elements and fingerprint perspiration, you also add an extra layer of strength. The NCC surfacing has passed a pencil hardness test of 9H.

Nano ceramic coating technology



Eliminates fingerprint marks

Fingerprint marks not only add to the cleaning process, bodily fluids and bacteria are also left behind on a surface which isn’t coated with NCC. This can lead to perspiration staying behind which results in the natural salt on your fingers adding to corrosion and the spread of harmful bacteria, especially in healthcare facilities. Thus it’s extremely important to ensure appliances and stainless steel surfaces are coated with NCC.

Nano ceramic coating technology


Prevents bacteria from spreading

This element goes hand-in-hand leaving behind fingerprints as bacteria can easily spread from one person to the next. However, by adding NCC on stainless steel surfaces, harmful bacteria are kept under control and the chances of the spread of disease are eliminated (both in your home, healthcare facilities, and public places).

Nano ceramic coating technology



Nano ceramic coating technology



Causes a self-cleaning action

Cleaning time is cut in half with NCC’s self-cleaning action. This revolutionary cleaning action deters fingerprint stains, bacteria and other factors that may lead to corrosion taking place.

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Nano ceramic coating technology


Able to readily mix with water

Being hydrophilic, NCC technology has a strong affinity to water, which means you don’t have to worry about accidently getting water on the surface or leaving water behind when cleaning as this will not affect the material in any way. As shown above, NCC technology and water can mix relatively well.

Nano ceramic coating technology

Colours available:

You do not have to stick to one colour, namely grey; you can choose between four different colour ranges to match your appliances or stainless steel surfaces to your existing décor. 

Nano ceramic coating technology



Surface-reflection capabilities:

As with the wide variety of colour choices, you can also choose between surface-reflection capabilities to ensure you receive a surface finish that blends in with the rest of your décor and personal style.

Nano ceramic coating technology



It’s vitally important to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in public locations, healthcare facilities, and even your home, especially in areas with high-traffic. This will prevent unnecessary infections from occurring by eliminating the chance of bacteria spreading from one individual to the next.

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Nano Ceramic Coating